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Eat the Rainbow! What are Phytonutrients?

Connecting color with food can be a simple and powerful source of joy. When you have all the colors on your plate, you are incorporating important phytonutrients, and these can be powerful defenders of our health. In a plant, these phytonutrients provide protection from bugs, pests, and stressors from the environment. They also give the plant color and their distinct taste and smell. A green piece of lettuce doesn’t smell or taste the same as a green piece of arugula. For us humans, the veggies and fruit we consume have these phytonutrients which stimulates different enzymes that can help our body get rid of toxins, boost our immune system, and help our intestines (just to name a few). So wh

Food for Anemia

A follower asked me to create a video about food for anemia, so I did! In the video, I talk about a couple different forms of anemia, the difference between heme and non-heme iron, what foods contain these, how vitamin C might help, some concerns about iron supplement side effects like constipation, lab testing, and more. Please forward this email to others whom you think might find it helpful. Click here (or click on the image below) to watch the video. I also have some professional presentations uploaded, and will work hard to bring new videos on popular topics every month. In the queue: Ginger for Digestion & Apple Cider Vinegar (whether it's research-based and if so, what the research sh

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