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Managing Anxiety, Jessica's Way

After having an ovarian cyst explode, Jessica felt lost. She was anxious and worried about the state of her health. Her mind would race constantly, going through the worst-case scenario, did she have cancer? Anxiety paralyzed her; she could barely leave her house. Once she had only made to the first stoplight away from home and finding herself unable to wait for it to change, she turned back home. At night, her chest was so tight with fear that she couldn’t sleep. To combat this, her doctor gave her prescription after prescription. She was on meds for nearly every issue: anxiety, depression, reflux, etc. However, to Jessica the medication seemed to make her problems worse. Inspired by her fa

Vitamin D: Why it is an Essential Nutrient

Vitamin D, a misnomer, is an essential fat-soluble nutrient classified as a hormone. It is a key player in gut health, the immune system, and the growth and maintenance of bones. Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium more efficiently, and it helps to produce important hormones. Vitamin D is a hot topic for a reason, and the best ways to get it have been long debated. The sun comes out on top as the most effective means because it aids in other bodily processes as well. Other vitamin D sources include sun lamps, supplementation, and food. Before starting any of these courses, consult with your healthcare provider. Adequate levels of vitamin D can act as a preventative agent for developi

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