Functional Lab Testing

Functional Lab Testing is often not offered in the conventional medicine setting, for a variety of reasons.


They are offered through Oswald Digestive Clinic, because they are valuable tools to help us clinicians better understand what is going on in the body, to further personalize a nutrition plan to help you get rid of your bothersome symptoms and feel your best. 

Our clinic has access to a large variety of lab panels. Below are the ones we find most helpful for the clients that we see. Organic Acid Testing and Stool Testing are provided for free with our 5 month package. 

Organic Acid Testing

This testing measures metabolic compounds in your urine, providing many important clues. They can evaluate cellular and mitochondrial energy production, gastrointestinal function, oxidative stress, and nutrient utilization, among other things. This also shows markers for potential Candida overgrowth.

Stool Testing

Functional stool testing is helpful for looking at microbial dysbiosis, parasites, malabsorption, and inflammation, to name a few. 

Micronutrient Testing

​Measures the amount of 35 nutrients inside your white blood cells, rather ​than in the serum. This gives a better picture of what deficiencies are present. 


Food Allergy + Sensitivity Testing (LEAP/MRT)

This test assesses your immune system's reaction to a wide range of foods. Food allergies and sensitivities can lead to issues including migraines, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, etc. ​

*Dietitians do not diagnose. The tests above are used for information purposes only*