Micronutrient Testing Only

Only for people who consider themselves to be mostly symptom-free, and want to just optimize their health by checking 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within their white blood cells. GREAT for athletes
Total Cost: $780 with insurance, which includes two-45 minute dietitian appointments and 2 blood draws (the initial, and another in 6 months to make sure levels are replaced). I will still ask you to complete an intake form to make sure I make appropriate supplement recommendations based upon the lab results. I will give you supplement brand and dose recommendations based upon your results. Supplement cost is not included in total program cost. 
$1180 without insurance (the lab charges $200 more per panel without insurance) 
Dietitian appointments are via video and telephone. Lab kit will be shipped to you, and you will be given a list of local blood draw sites to get blood drawn at. The blood draw site will ship the kit out for you.
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Are you having daily, persistent, moderate to severe bothersome symptoms? 

If you are having more bothersome autoimmune, gut or other issues, please see package information here as I would want to do a more comprehensive work-up with you to really get to the root of your issues. Micronutrient testing might be a piece of the puzzle, but there is likely more going on, and if you plan to invest your time and money into nutrition help, I want to make sure we do a full workout for the best chance of you feeling significantly better afterwards.