10 Healthy Drink Ideas for a Healthy Gut

Growing up, I couldn't get enough Kool-Aid, especially if it was served in one of those really colorful plastic Kool-aid cups with the handle, and smiling Kool-Aid man on it

And if I was lucky, it would be served with one of my favorite snacks of colored frosting and graham cracker sandwiches

Needless to say, I was living the life

Do you remember this era?

Well, fast forward many years (decades), and I now have some tricks up my sleeve of beverage ideas that WON'T make you crash hard for a 3 pm nap

It's one of the most popular questions I have heard over my career as a dietitian: “What are some low or no sugar drink ideas that AREN'T water!?”

In this week's video, I share my 10 favorite!

I'd love to hear what your favorite is! Share in the comments below the video!

And as always, please share with all your friends whom you think might be interested!

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