Common Mistakes when Eating for Gut Health

Have you tried looking up nutrition information, only to find different sites contradicting each other? Gets confusing, doesn't it? I see this often, and many people who come to me for help report their frustration. Truth is, because we are all individuals, we all are going to have slightly different "ideal" nutrition plans to help ourselves be the healthiest we can be.

Different supplement needs. Different foods that will promote healing or cause disease (think about people with egg sensitivities or allergies, versus those who don't have this... organic eggs from pasture raised chickens can be a very nutrition-rich food, but if someone has a sensitivity to them, eggs are going to cause them disease). Due to these individual differences, it's so important to work with a well trained nutrition professional to find the right food and supplement plan for you. Here's a nice article that came out recently showing some of the common mistakes when trying to eat for gut health: Click here for full article.

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