Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Is Vegetarian Better?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a diagnosis based upon symptoms. Here's the criteria:

Many providers call IBS the "wastebasket diagnosis", because it's what people are often told they have when the rest of the work-up (imaging, labs, etc.) comes back normal. It's basically a diagnosis of symptoms, with no explanation as to why someone is having those symptoms.

This new study was just published looking into whether a vegetarian diet shows to be helpful for IBS. The conclusion? "This study suggests that a long term vegetarian diet could be associated with IBS." You may be wondering why this is. I have many theories, based upon what I see in practice, but I'll save them for now. Feel free to ask me in person.

I can proudly say, that with a nutrition and lifestyle approach, I have helped hundreds of individuals get rid of their IBS symptoms. There isn't one answer, though. What works for one, isn't always what works for the next. Which is why I treat everyone I work with as an individual. I listen to their personal story, and their specific symptoms, and together we create a nutrition plan fitting for them.

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