4 Satisfying Grain-Free Snack Ideas

Sometimes a simple snack is all you need to stay satisfied until the next mealtime comes around. I think what we all can agree on is that when it comes to snack time, all we want is something delicious that prevents those annoying hunger pangs.

In my professional opinion, the secret to a satisfying snack lies in this equation:

Fat or Protein + healthy carbohydrate = better blood sugar management = improved energy and satiety

The perfect snack contains carbohydrates to satisfy the craving, mixed with a healthy fat or protein to prolong satiety. This combination should help get rid of hunger and give you energy to get through the day without relying too much on sugar and caffeine. Here are some snacks that I love. Give them a try for yourself!

1. Avocado with salt + pepper on tomato slices

Healthy fat: Avocado

Healthy Carbohydrate: Tomato

The color in this snack alone is enough to crave. This my variation on salt and peppered tomatoes. What food isn’t enhanced by some avo slices? Avocado is so high in potassium and is loaded with healthy fiber. and tomatoes are rich in lycopene, vitamin C, folate and much more! This is so satisfying and simple and will keep you blood sugar steady! Give it a try next time you are craving some of that good, green healthy fat.

2. Hard boiled eggs + mayonnaise + coleslaw

Healthy Fat/Protein: Hard boiled eggs & mayonnaise

Healthy carbohydrate: Coleslaw

You don’t think coleslaw is a snack? Think again! there is something about this combo that is so satisfying; I promise you won’t be disappointed. The egg and mayo give us that bit of protein that keeps our hunger at bay, and the coleslaw and provides that craveable crunch. If you are egg sensitive, try some nuts, chia seeds or avocado instead!

My personal mayonnaise recommendations are Sir Kenzington's Mayonnaise or Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise. These products are both made with high quality ingredients including avocado oil, which contains healthy omega 9’s.

3. Cheese (from grass fed cows) on apple slices