Mouth Bacteria Transform Beet Kvass To Decrease Blood Pressure

We all know that high blood pressure isn’t good, and especially now, we are hearing how this is a risk factor for COVID-19, but have you ever wondered if there are foods that can help to decrease blood pressure?

And no, we aren’t going to be talking about salt. Let’s flip the conversation, because there are so many other things that can affect blood pressure.

Firstly, we all know stress can affect blood pressure

But what I want to share today, is something you might not know

Today, BEET KVASS will be taking the spotlight!

What is beet kvass?

Well, it’s simply fermented beet juice. Beets (yes, the root vegetable), are high in nitrate, which the bacteria in our mouth reduce to nitrite, and the stomach reduces it even further to nitric oxide, which gets absorbed from our gut into our blood stream.

Nitric oxide helps to prevent atherosclerosis (hardening of the artery) and is a vasodilator (helps to open blood vessels to allow blood to flow more easily and thus helping to reduce blood pressure).

I actually has a client where we added some beet kvass daily as a part of the overall plan for decreasing his HTN (fancy medical acronym for hypertension, AKA high blood pressure)

Just once cup daily for 2 weeks can show benefit (decreased blood pressure - which I recommend you check at home anyway due to “white coat syndrome”, meaning the anxiety of visiting the doctor could falsely elevate blood pressure)

Want to know some more good news?

This is SO incredibly easy to make. AND it is a rich source of probiotics (those helpful gut bacteria).

Checkout the video here:

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