3 Reasons Eating Dandelions Could Help Your Gut Health

As a child, I would pick SO many dandelions, make them into a bouquet, and gift them to others who may or may not have seen them as a weed

Why do you think humans went from cutting grass to make room for dandelions, to taking a U turn and deciding that dandelions are a weed?

Reality is, the dandelion is filled with nutrition, and much of which can help with gut health!

Further, It has a long history of use in not only Traditional Chinese Medicine, but by 22 Native American Tribes, has been approved by Germany’s Commission E, and is a part of the National Pharmacopeias of Austria, Britain and the Czech Republic.

In this week’s YouTube video, I share 3 Reasons Eating Dandelions Could Help Your Gut Health.

Please share this video with any friends or family members whom you think would be interested!! (Especially if you know of anyone spraying their dandelions with RoundUp!)

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