3 Times You MUST Eat SUGAR!

A few months ago, I was in New Mexico, hiking in the desert, and my midwestern body could not stop sweating in effort to cool myself down,

I starting to get lightheaded and more fatigued…

So I focused on drinking enough water, while knowing that at the rate I was sweating, I needed some electrolyte replacement too.

“Luckily”, I had packed some samples I had just received for electrolyte replacement!…

Well… little did I know, the marketing on this product was much better than the product itself…

And it did not make me feel any better!!

I was honestly so bummed that I had fallen for a marketing scam, but I was just trusting the label as so many people do (and I rarely do, because as a dietitian I know better, but I had a full schedule that week and was rolling with it).

Long story short, I had also packed a quality electrolyte replacement powder, with SUGAR (GASP!), because sugar is NEEDED for electrolyte replacement, and I felt better within the hour of adding this in.

I share more about this and 2 more times sugar is needed, in this weeks YouTube video.

Watch Here!

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