5 Foods That Can Decrease Stress & Why

Have you ever lived somewhere, had a terrible experience, and wondered if it would be any different upon visiting again?

Well, I have… and that place was Boston

Terrible might be too strong of a word,

Maybe challenged is better - challenges help us to grow, and that’s certainly what my experience was like in Boston in 2011-12

I came out of my internship at Harvard’s Brigham And Women’s Hospital with a very solid foundation of knowledge for Medical Nutrition Therapy in a variety of settings from Cancer to Intensive Care Units,

Which grew out of an insane amount of hard work in a culture that isn’t exactly Minnesota nice, but instead felt direct, and sometimes cold, where even the New Yorkers cried

The Harvard system had an approach to learning that was more “tough love” than anything else,

But I wasn’t convinced the love was there,

And you know what?

I went back to visit… 10 years later

And during that week long visit, I was able to appreciate that stage in my life

Sometimes experiences help us to clearly see how things can be done better,

Like is it necessary to be super tough in effort to teach in the “most effective way”? I would vote no.

And it came full circle to where I got to host a rotation for one of our undergrad interns during her dietetic internship at a Harvard Teaching Hospital!

You might remember Kate from the work she did at our clinic during her undergrad, and the video she filmed with me about her experience getting rid of her Insomnia using Functional Nutrition!

What challenges are you going through now?

Maybe it relates to your gut health. That can certainly be a cycle …

Bothersome gut symptoms give you stress, and that stress causes the gut symptoms to get worse!!

How to break the cycle!?!

We have to just start somewhere, and un-peel the onion,

Maybe we start by getting you on a personalized supplement plan to help get your gut in a better spot,

And then your gut starts to feel better, so your stress about your gut issues decrease,

And then you decide to start going to yoga a couple times a week to help to decrease your chronic stress further,

Which in turn helps your gut to heal, and improves your energy,

And you have the energy and motivation to adjust your foods, which further helps your gut to heal,

And so on and so forth.

One of the many tools in our toolbox at ODC to support our clients in improving chronic stress, it via the use of food!


If you are currently in a stressful life phase, you might like our new video for this week,

Where I share 5 Foods The Can Decrease Stress & Why


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