7 Best Foods for Nausea

As some of you already know, I have gotten severe motion sickness nausea in the past…

One of the worst experiences was during a move to Boston. My parents drove me out there for my Dietetic Internship, and while they were in town, we decided it would be fun to go whale watching.

Well, long story short, I ended up throwing up overboard the ENTIRE time, and was probably the ONLY person on the entire boat who was HAPPY when it had a malfunction and we had to head back to shore early.

Thank you Universe for THAT one!

Oh, and did I mention that I had taken 2 doses of Dramamine prior to leaving, the motion sickness medication?

Fast forward many years, and I now know of MANY natural tips and tools for dealing with nausea - some of which have more effective for me than any medication I had tried.

And today, I want to share this information with YOU!

In this week’s YouTube video, I share 7 Best Foods for Nausea.

Further, under the video, I shared a link to a Free Download of Gut Friendly Smoothie Recipes.


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