Blue Poop Challenge - should you do it?

Have you heard of the Blue Poop Challenge?

It is the latest TikTok and Instagram viral trend!

It’s not all fad, though.

The Blue Poop Challenge is a way to learn your gut transit time, which is an indicator of proper gut health.

A too long or too short colon transit time are both indicators of poor gut health.

People living in rural African and Asian Societies have a colon transit time of 12-24 hours, and these individuals are almost completely free from chronic diseases like Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and colon cancer.

However, the blue poop muffin recipe has some ingredients that do not promote a healthy gut.

In this video, I shared a more natural way for you to check your colon transit time!

Let us know if you do our natural suggestion, or the Blue Muffins, and what time you get! Just comment below the video!

Watch Here

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