Bone Broth for Gut Health - How Might It Help?

I really appreciate all your kind words after I announced that we would no longer be marketing the Heal Your Gut Course!

I'm honestly sorta surprised that I was able to do that, after all the time and energy I spent creating it (alongside our amazing team and interns!)

To give you more of the backstory, I think this is in part a result of an intuition group I was a part of for a few months in early 2021

We met every week, guided by Echo Bodine, and simply talked about our experiences letting life guide us through that voice within... our intuition

I'm really great at overthinking things... maybe you can relate

So this intuition class was a game changer for me. How many times in your life has that little voice within led you wrong?

For me, I can't think of any

So when my intuition started to tell me to quit the course,

As much as my head got in the way (and then advice from others encouraging me to not do it which further got me in my head) I knew I had to come back to the basics...

What does my intuition say?

And, here we are.

Some of you might have even had the experience of reaching out to me about becoming a client, and me telling you to just listen to your intuition

I might have said something like, "Yes, I think we can help you, but if you're on the fence because you've seen a lot of providers already without luck, just listen to your gut."

Pun always intended.

And on the topic of gut, I have a hot topic video for you today!

This is actually one of the many presentations in the bonus section of our course, that I want to share with you and our YouTube community.

I was going to re-film it in my typical YouTube format, but in the spirit of essentialism, decided to post it as is... more of a slide with presentation style.

No I won't be sharing the entire course on YouTube - this is just a fun exception.

ENJOY! I hope you learn some golden nuggets of information!

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