Do You Need Vitamin D Supplements?

What’s sometimes worse than a diagnosis?

No diagnosis.

Imagine having diarrhea daily,

Getting all the tests done, even a colonoscopy and endoscopy,

And the results showing that all is normal.

“You are healthy!”

Should be good news, right?

Except, to you, it’s not.

You know that something is not quite right.

Maybe you feel the diarrhea is helping you to keep weight off,

Making you afraid to get rid of the diarrhea.

But also you know, the diarrhea is not healthy.

Or maybe it’s constipation.

Maybe you’re being told all the labs are normal,

And you must not be drinking enough water.

Are you being called a liar!? By your medical providers!?!

Maybe… you just might have been in this situation before.

But you know, you’re drinking plenty of water, you are eating lots of colorful veggies, and yet… constipation.

Or you are doing your meditation exercises, eating healthfully, and yet… diarrhea.

Or maybe it’s gas. Maybe it’s bloat. And maybe, you are continuing to be told your labs are normal… you are HEALTHY.

We hear this allll the time, from our new clients!

And this is the exact reason I started Oswald Digestive Clinic over 6 years ago,

To help fill these gaps in our medical system.

It often happens because doctors have on average <25 hours of schooling in nutrition science

Licensed dietitians/nutritionists have, on average, 7 years of schooling in nutrition science

And often, these gut issues, can be improved and eliminated…

Using Functional Nutrition.

So if you haven’t tried it yet, I would really encourage you to schedule an initial appointment with one of our smart and kind clinicians!

We’d love to help guide you on your journey.

As for this week’s YouTube video… it’s all about vitamin D!!

’Tis the season for vitamin D deficiency… right after winter…

And you might be wondering if you should continue to supplement?

How much D you’re going to get from the sun?

Will it be enough?

How can you test your own vitamin D level?

How much are you getting from food?

& More!

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