How To Heal Eczema Using Functional Nutrition

Heal Eczema!?

Yep - after a decade of dealing with one of the worst cases of acne my dermatologist had ever seen…

And not getting it cleared by conventional medicine…

I am so passionate about sharing about the gut-skin and functional nutrition-skin connections!

There are many possible root causes for Eczema…

And each individual person might be experiencing eczema as a result of a different imbalance in the body…

Maybe one imbalance, maybe many.

For one person, it could simply be irritation from the laundry detergent they are using…

While for the next person, it could stem from inadequate fatty acid intake,

Or a food sensitivity,

Or micronutrient deficiency,

Or something else (which I share in this video)

In this weeks’ YouTube video, I talk all about possible root causes to eczema,

Including how to prevent infant eczema,

AND about some research showing how Oolong Tea can improve eczema!

ENJOY, and please pass along to anyone whom you think would appreciate this information

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