How to Prevent Alzheimer's by Improving Gut Health

Have you heard of Type 3 Diabetes?

I didn’t make a typo - I’m sure you know about Type 1 and Type 2, but Type 3 is new to the market…

Type 3 Diabetes is a term that is being used for Alzheimers, due to the new understanding of how insulin resistance is one possible root cause to this disease that takes people’s minds before their bodies.

And we are now learning even MORE about OTHER possible root causes of Alzheimers

Dr. Bredensen has some really promising articles published showcasing the improvements he’s been making in his clients with Alzheimers Disease, using a functional medicine approach

Yes, I did say improvements… as in reversals… some of his clients even gained back so much brain function that they were able to work again!! WOW!

I share more information in our YouTube video for this week.

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