How To Reverse Aging Using Nutrition | Biohacking

#BiohackingHave you seen the trend?

Biohacking is basically using strategic interventions to improve health outcomes.

Many people hash-tagging this word, are going “all out”

But is going all-out better than going half-way-out?

Must you go to the extreme of doing 16 hour intermittent fasting, followed by a celery juice cleanse, followed by enrolling in the ProLon program, and topping it off with a trip to Mexico for a 30 day structured water fast, and then only eating carnivore from there on out (or vegan, or whatever other diet is most popular at the time you are reading this)?

(PS - I’ll be filming another intermittent fasting video soon, so stay tuned for that!)

OR, can you Biohack by being more “reasonable”?

By following guidance similar to the Blue Zone eating and lifestyle habits? (I’m planning to film a video about this soon, too)

Could you actually decrease your Biological Age (how old you seem - which is tied to all cause mortality, and tested in the research via DNA methylation analysis using saliva samples) without having to adapt extreme eating habits that might not even be sustainable, and could instead result in a whiplash in the other direction & binging on all those foods you told yourself you can’t have?

In this video, I chat through a NEW randomized control trial (first of it’s kind that I know of), where participants were able to decrease their biological age by over 3 years in just a matter of 8 weeks!

I share exactly what they did in this video. Please note, that this isn’t the end-all-be-all of what exactly it takes to reverse biological age. This is just a beginning in our research understanding, and I can’t wait for us to explore this arena further! If there is one take-away I’d love for you to have after watching, it is how powerful nutrition and lifestyle interventions can be, at allowing the body to heal.


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