ONE Easy Way To Prevent Colon Cancer

Have you ever been led to think that preventing scary diseases is HARD… maybe even impossible?

That you need to take 20 supplements daily and fast for a month, all while drinking celery juice upside-down?

I don’t blame you for feeling this way.

I worked in the conventional medical system for years,

And saw a tremendous amount of people with chronic gut issues…

Being thrown around all over the place - endless labs, having been put on the medication marry-go-round, and scheduled for surgery to remove parts of their intestines…

What if I told you that we’ve had clients who have been able to CANCEL their surgeries!?!

Incredible, right?

Well reality is, food is so amazingly powerful at supporting our bodies to heal,

Alongside a personalized supplement recommendation to support the healing (goal is always as few supplements as possible),

And it’s vastly under appreciated in the conventional medical system,

Because it can’t make the profit margins that medications, surgeries, labs, and more can.

Yep, I said it, and as a reminder, I trained at one of the best Harvard hospitals in the country, worked at one of the best Minnesota hospitals for ~6 years, and got to work with many of the local Sacramento, California clinics and hospitals while an IV and gut nutrition specialist at OptionCare.

Then I transitioned to functional medicine, and couldn’t believe my eyes! Autoimmune diseases… being REVERSED!? IBS… being gotten rid of!? Crohns… hardly an issue!?

Which quickly brought me to the conclusion that functional medicine is a better fit than conventional for chronic diseases, while conventional is better than functional for intensive care unit needs and other acute issues.

SO, in this video, I will share how much FIBER is needed to help prevent colon cancer by 20%, and how you can meet these recommendations.

Yep, the video is about fiber - which is not sexy, but is research-based advice for preventing colon cancer!

Watch Here:

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