Soil Based Probiotics versus Others

I'm feeling more on the introverted / introspective side this week, so we're going to keep this blog post nice, short, and to the point 😉

This week's YouTube video is all about SOIL PROBIOTICS!

I've seen a lot of confusion around this topic, and frankly, a lot of over-exaggerated marketing claims coming from supplement companies

So I figured you might find it helpful for me to clarify what this is all about in a video

In this video, I share the pros/cons of soil-based probiotics, the difference between these and non-soil based probiotics, what a probiotic even is, whether they work for improving health, what to look for on a supplement bottle, whether they are safe, and how else you can get them (besides supplementation)

Okay, now I'm going to crawl back into my crab shell 😂, par for the course as a cancer zodiac (if you're into astrology). Hopefully I'll be more social on the next email!


(and as always, please forward to friends/family whom you think would find this video helpful)

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