What’s The Difference Between Wheat And Gluten?

A few months ago, a friend of mine was getting severe abdominal pain after eating,

To the point of having to lay down for 30-60 minutes, prior to being able to go back to his work

This was new for him

And of course he was concerned

Questions arose - is the food causing this? Stress? Do I have a gut infection? Something even more serious?

Being his friend, I simply suggested he greatly decrease wheat consumption to try to get him some quick relief

He was thinking he was going gluten-free,

But technically, he was eating some foods that had some gluten in them. Did you know Barley has gluten?

Long story short - his severe abdominal pain went away!

The reason why can be further explored - is it the type of wheat, and maybe by eating an older variety of wheat like Einkorn, naturally fermented as sourdough, he wouldn’t get that pain?

There are a fair amount of stories from people who travel, eat wheat in a different country like Europe, and don’t get the bothersome symptoms they get after eating wheat in America.

We could make a whole video about this, but for today’s video, I share the differences between wheat and gluten,

And some gluten-free healthy alternatives that you can consider if you need to go gluten-free.

Spoiler alert: for many people, the gas and bloat isn’t always caused by gluten, but by something else in wheat, which I also share in this video!

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