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Your What Type Of Gut Do You Have?


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You Have A Golden Gut

Hey There! It's me, your Golden Gut

Let’s shout it from the rooftop: we have a healthier gut than 61% of people! (Based upon a survey of 71,000 people in 2018)


We can go about our days, not having to run to the bathroom last minute, or needing to leave a party because of embarrassing gas.


What a dream for those with Gutsy Gut, Grumpy Gut, and Gassy Gut, to hopefully get a Golden Gut like us!


We need to soak it in, get out there, and make magic happen! 


Let’s hear a bit about what Oswald Digestive Clinic is wondering in regard to our Golden Gut:

Hi! Ashley Oswald here! With the team of gut health nutrition specialists at Oswald Digestive Clinic and Flusso Nutrients.


We are wondering, do you use supplements to make sure you maintain your golden gut, energy, and lifestyle?

At Flusso Nutrients, we are on a mission to educate and equip you with the tools you need to make the world of supplements simpler.

Did you know that many supplements are contaminated with heavy metals, or simply don’t contain what’s advertised on the label?


Further, many supplements don’t have the best forms of nutrients. For example: it’s easy to find the cheaper forms of magnesium oxide on the grocery store shelves, but more difficult to find the better absorbed magnesium glycinate.


Do you have a protein powder that you trust?


Based upon some independent testing from a third-party laboratory, 23.5% of the protein powders tested failed to pass their tests for heavy metals, and to ensure what was on the label is actually in the supplement.

The supplement industry is not well regulated, and thus, it’s so important to know and trust the company you are buying supplements from.


They need to be professional quality, with a board of well-educated nutrition specialists, such as registered dietitians, licensed nutritionists, and functional medicine physicians.


Want to learn, or simply have access to professional quality, dietitian-approved, and quick shipping supplements? If so, please join us over here: