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  • Do you have a physical clinic?
    We offer video consultation through our HIPAA (privacy-secured) platform
  • What services do you offer?
    Oswald Digestive Clinic specializes in one-on-one appointments to address gut problems and provides medical nutrition therapy, tailored to fit your needs
  • Do you work with children?
    Yes - our clinician Marcie Vaske is experienced and skilled in working with children.
  • Do you help with conditions aside from gut problems?
  • What happens after I schedule my initial appointment?
    Once you have booked your initial appointment on our website, you will receive a welcome email and intake forms. Please submit completed forms a minimum of 2 days prior to your initial appointment to enable your clinician to prepare for your appointment. Plan one hour to fill out these forms.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    During your initial appointment, we can evaluate and determine how many sessions you may need.
  • Do you provide support between sessions?
    Yes! If you have questions or concerns between appointments, you can message your clinician directly through our HIPAA compliant Healthie platform.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes! We are contracted with BCBS, UHC, PreferredOne and Aetna. You can check if you have insurance coverage by calling your insurance and asking the following questions:
  • What is your rate per visit?
    If your insurance does not cover, we have self-pay options: $180/appointment $160/appointment if purchasing a 3-pack ($480 total) $140/appointment if purchasing a 6-pack ($840 total)
  • Can you run labs?
    Yes, we have access to a variety of functional and conventional lab panels. Functional lab panels are often not covered by insurance, and our clinic does not bill for labs. For general labs that might have insurance coverage, we often encourage clients to request labs from their primary care physician, and we can provide you with the names of the labs that would be most helpful to your care with us. Often, there is a lot we can do without the use of expensive lab panels. A limited list of the many panels we have access to: comprehensive stool testing, organic acid testing, mediator release testing for food sensitivities, comprehensive micronutrient testing, basic labs direct to consumer, hormone panels (can vary day to day so trends are best), inflammatory markers, & more. You can learn more about our lab offerings here:
  • Do you take Medicare/Medicare Advantage?
    Medicare only covers Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease, or Obesity if done in a clinic that has a physician on staff. Our clinic specializes in digestive health, so most of our clients with Medicare would not receive coverage anyway. Please note, that if you have Medicare with a supplement insurance (like BCBS), your supplement insurance will likely not cover, because Medicare will deny. We do offer self pay options.
  • My insurance is not listed on your website, but it says I have nutrition coverage. Is it possible to get reimbursed for appointments with your clinic?
    Yes. If you have an insurance that has Medical Nutrition Therapy coverage, but our clinic does not have a contract with your insurance, we can create a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance on the backend, in hopes that you might receive coverage. We can not guarantee you'll receive coverage in these situations, but we have had clients have success. You will have to self-pay at our clinic, for us to provide a Superbill to you (you can think of the Superbill as a receipt for what you have paid, and it is the tool you will use to send to your insurance for your insurance to see, and to then send money directly to you, for reimbursement).


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