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Companies We Have Partnered With!

In the realm of functional nutrition, partnerships play a crucial role. Oswald Digestive Clinic, a renowned leader in the field, has formed strategic collaborations with various brands to create a powerful synergy in the pursuit of optimal gut health.

Collaboration between Oswald Digestive Clinic and other brands is instrumental in driving progress in the field of functional nutrition. These partnerships have numerous benefits, including a holistic approach to patient care, enhanced research and development, and expanded product offerings.

Functional nutrition recognizes the interconnectedness of various aspects of health. By partnering with brands that share their vision, Oswald Digestive Clinic can provide a more comprehensive approach to patient care. These collaborations often involve experts from diverse disciplines, such as licensed nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists, and marketing professionals, who come together to address the multifaceted nature of gut health.

Oswald Digestive Clinic carefully evaluates potential partnerships to ensure alignment with their mission and values. They consider factors such as the relevance of the brand to functional nutrition, the potential for mutual benefit, and the ability to contribute to the advancement of gut health.

Once a partnership is established, both parties can work together to maximize the benefits. This may involve joint marketing efforts, research collaborations, product development, or education initiatives. By leveraging each other's strengths, the partners can create a synergistic relationship that drives progress in the field of functional nutrition.

Oswald Digestive Clinic has established partnerships with several prominent brands, each contributing to the advancement of functional nutrition in their unique way. Let's explore some of these notable collaborations.

Better Blends website - hello, gut friendly protein. Great for IBS, SIBO, Bloating, Supports Digestive Health, Helps with Muscle Growth and Recovery. Oat and Collagen Protein.
Natural Delights Medijool Dates Gut Health Health and Wellness page featuring Ashley Oswald, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Functional Nutrition Medicine
NDPHIT Inspiring Your Health Logo
University of Minnesota Logo
HealthPartners Logo
Thriver Health Logo about Healthcare Beyond Sickcare, a partnership with Oswald Digestive Clinic

Others Include Adult Day Care Menu Creation, Probiotic Formulation & more 

Citrus Fruits

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