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Self-pay options are also available


Book your Initial Appointment with Us

Book an Initial Appointment with Us if these are True:

  • I want to get rid of my bothersome gut issues

  • I've tried so much, and now I want a dietitian nutritionist and/or therapist to create a personalized plan to help me fix the root cause issues

  • I'm serious about my health, and I'm ready to make the necessary changes to improve my health

How It Works:

  1. Schedule your Initial, 75-Minute Appointment below

  2. Read & Fill Out Intake Forms (will be emailed to you) - We share more about how to check your insurance benefits, and cash pay options, in these forms. 

  3. Allow us to create a Personalized Functional Nutrition Plan with you

Note: All appointments are via phone or video

Now that we are accepting insurance, we are no longer offering free calls.

Thank you for understanding!

Book your Initial Appointment

Booking Appointment
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