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Gut Health Dietitian Nutritionist

A Bit About Me

Meet Katie, a seasoned dietitian with a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition and on-going education in the specialty of functional nutrition. 

Her dedication to holistic wellness led her from inpatient hospital care to specializing in functional nutrition. Her personal health journey, coupled with her passion for empowering others, fuels her insightful contributions to Oswald Digestive Clinic's blog. 

Through her own struggle with chronic fatigue, iron deficiency, mold toxicity, and recurrent mono - which conventional medicine did not have the tools to help her with - Katie came to realize she wanted to work in a setting that allowed her to help others using the approach that helped herself - that of functional nutrition. 


Her personal health journey, coupled with her passion for empowering others, fuels her insightful contributions to Oswald Digestive Clinic's blog. 


As a mother of twins, Katie intimately understands the intricate balance of health and family life, leveraging her expertise to guide readers toward optimal well-being through evidence-based and approachable advice on gut health and functional nutrition

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  • Registered Dietitian (RD)

  • Licensed Dietitian (LD)

  • Functional Nutrition Certified (FNC)

  • Masters of Science in Human Nutrition (MS)


  • Certification in Functional Nutrition, Functional Nutrition Alliance

    • The curriculum included an in-depth study of the digestive, immune, urinary, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems

  • M.S in Human Nutrition, Eastern Michigan University

  • National HealthCare Corporation Dietetic Internship Program

    • Ten month dietetic internship with 1,200 hours of supervised practice at various locations​

    • Rotations included in depth training in diabetes management and prevention, drug/nutrient interactions, heart healthy eating, low sodium eating, diverticulosis/itis, fiber modifications, and more

  • B.S in Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Maine 



  • Working as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2013 

  • Food & Nutrition Manager of an entire hospital system for 8 years, requiring knowledge to support clients to health across the spectrum of disease states, using individualized treatment plans 

  • Instructor and program coordinator for a Diabetes Self Management Training Program

  • Participated in many committees and tasks forces over the years, including Co-chair for the Maine Health WOW council, Member of the Nutrition Leaders and Food Service Directors Team for Maine Health, and more.

  • Supported clients requiring enteral nutrition (tube-feeding) due to malnutrition, weight loss, difficulty swallowing, or other challenges

  • Has provided guidance and advice for menu analysis at a rehabilitation center 

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