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Nutritional Cooking

Remote Functional Dietitian or Licensed Nutritionist

Do you have a love for holistic, root-cause healthcare? 

Are you excited about gut health? Do you enjoy helping clients to find the root of their health imbalance, and coaching them in a supportive way to implement the necessary steps to feel better once again? 

If so, we would love to connect with you! We are looking to hire a holistic-minded Licensed Dietitian or Licensed Nutritionist to join our team! 

We would like our next team member to: 

  • Have well practiced motivational interviewing skills

  • Take a proactive approach to client care

  • Be an educator to clients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits

  • Set realistic goals and behavior modification support for clients

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of disease, syndromes, and nutrient deficiencies, from a root cause and functional medicine lens

  • Have an ability to be caring and empathetic with clients 

  • Be open to preparing and executing social media videos

We are a functional medicine digestive health clinic, with non-gut health clients too.  We are looking for someone who will be able and happy to work with clients on a spectrum of health and readiness for change!          

This is a contractor (1099) position, meaning that you can set your own schedule and hours! We simply ask for 8 hours/week to start, and you will be welcomed to increase your hours from here. This also means, that you might be able to join us, while maintaining your current job.


We are a fully telemedicine clinic, so you will be able to work from anywhere! You must have or be willing to obtain necessary state licensures. 

Salary is negotiable. We strive to pay our clinicians fairly and well. 

And most importantly, we pride ourselves on having a collaborative, close-knit staff of incredible health practitioners! We hope you might be the next best fit to join our team!

How To Apply

Please share your resume via email to 

In the email body, please share with us the following!

1) Why you are interested in joining our clinic?

2) What are your favorite types of clients? (we have non-gut health clients we'd like help with, too!)

3) Who are you as a person, and why do you love being a dietitian/nutritionist?

We are so excited to hear from you!

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