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Oswald Digestive Clinic 2019 In Review

Hello and Welcome, 2020!

As I look back on 2019, I feel a sense of awe for everything we have accomplished at Oswald Digestive Clinic in just one year.

I also get caught up in excitement and emotion for this new decade. I feel the universe has some big plans for us, and I feel totally giddy and aligned with it.

This photo shows some of the things I am most excited about (from the top left, reading like a book):

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  1. New EHR! EHR stands for electronic health record, and we now have one that is AH-mazing! Our clients can download an app that allows them to easily chat with their clinician, access their nutrition summaries (which we send after each visit), send photos of their meals, and more.

  2. Name Change! In 2019, we changed our name from Ashley Oswald Nutrition to Oswald Digestive Clinic, because we welcomed our new clinician Marcie Vaske! I have gotten great feedback from clients about Marcie. She came on board in October and has already had family member referrals (the best compliment we can receive). She has her masters in functional nutrition and has robust knowledge in digestive health just like I do. If you’re looking for someone to help you get rid of your gas, bloating, diarrhea, and/or constipation - she would be a great fit! You can book an initial appointment and we take insurance.

  3. YouTube! I’ve learned the art of YouTube, and have gotten positive feedback from our subscribers saying that the information is helping them better understand nutrition and their bodies. I am so grateful to get to create and share this knowledge with you. Our mission at Oswald Digestive Clinic is to always provide you with the information you need so that you can feel confident and empowered to know how to optimize your health and feel your best.

  4. Free Handout! I created a free handout on 5 Ways To Improve Gut Health And Get Rid Of Food Intolerances For Good.

  5. Telemedicine! We are now a 100% virtual clinic. This means that you never have to worry about driving in the weather to make it to your nutrition appointments. We are all about making life as smooth as possible, for both you and for us. This provides us more time and space to help more people and you have more time to implement your personalized nutrition plan so that you can start to feel better as soon as possible.

  6. Flusso Nutrients! Did you know that we have created a new business, Flusso Nutrients? I have not shared much about this, because it’s a very recent change. Flusso Nutrients is where I will be sharing more information about supplements and the supplement industry. It is a bit of a Wild West, and it’s so important that you source your supplements safely, from manufacturers who are doing third-party testing and using only top-quality ingredients. Did you know that medications can cause nutrient depletion? Or that supplements can negatively interact with medications? Or which supplements are best with food and without? These are just a few of the many supplement questions we receive, and through 2020, I plan to build out Flusso Nutrients to provide more of this important information to you.

  7. Nutrition Internship! I am so grateful and proud of our nutrition interns, Lexi and Kate. They are both studying nutrition at the University of Minnesota, and are gaining valuable experience by helping Oswald Digestive Clinic. They have been helping with research for our YouTube videos (did you know that these videos take at least a full day to create, each?), and in the process have learned about the behind the scenes of how to start and grow a channel (they were there when I had <10 subscribers! So really got to see it from the very beginning). I also have been sharing other tips for running a practice. Despite dietitians having on average 7 years of schooling in nutrition science, we get very little schooling in starting and running a private practice. My goal for this internship is to provide students with some knowledge and exposure to this so that they will have an easier time starting their own practice if they so desire so that together, we can help as many people as possible obtain their optimal health.

  8. Functional Nutrition Dietitians! Over 2 years ago, I started a networking group for functional nutrition dietitians and licensed nutritionists. I am so excited to have 80+ members in our local Minneapolis group and to have now created a worldwide group. I am grateful to everyone who chooses to be a part of this community. One clinician can’t possibly know it all, so it’s important to have a knowledgeable community to lean on when questions arise. This is a component of what allows us to be successful with our clients at Oswald Digestive Clinic.

  9. Minimalism! This is a personal priority for me. Some of you already know that I live in a 300-square-foot studio, in my favorite place ever (right by the uptown lakes). I love this simple living. It allows me more brain space to create everything I mentioned above, without getting as overwhelmed. I hope to tie in my minimalism passion more in the upcoming decade, as I feel this can be a great tool for people looking to improve their health and vitality. How? Stay tuned and I’ll share more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and/or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, and/or get added to our mailing list.

What are you most excited about in 2020? Stay updated.

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