How Does Digestion Work?

I don’t have a story for you this week because honestly,

I’ve been using more of my left brain vs. my right brain,

As the clinic has been so busy!

We have a couple exciting announcements to come…

& working on these has been taking up a lot of my time!

Plus, technology has been glitching on me!!

Not so bad that it’s brought me to tears,

But enough to really work that left brain to the fullest…

Meaning my creative right brain has been taking a back seat,

And thus, you get an email story like this… HA!

So I won’t bore you any further,

And will jump right into our new video for this week!

I think this is one of my favorite videos on our YouTube channel,

Because in it, I share a foundation of what we do at ODC…

I share a big big picture of how digestion works,

Which is of course foundational to everything else.

I could have honestly talked for hours in this video,

But we would have then gotten into the weeds.

SO, I hope you all are well!! I hope you’re enjoying the longer days of spring, fresh crisp air, morning chirping birds, and of course, I hope your gut is happy, and if it isn’t, we are here for you.

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