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7 Ways to Improve Energy with Nutrition

Come join us to learn how nutrition can improve our energy, productivity, and ultimately enjoyment of day to day work and life. We will talk about everything from food and specific nutrients to hormones and digestion. Topics are beyond basic nutrition, and participants will leave feeling equipped to take the next steps to optimize their health and energy, allowing them to be more present and productive in all areas of life, including work, family, and personal goals.


7 Things that Knock Digestion out of Whack 

Come join us to learn about digestive health. Did you know that Hippocrates, often regarded as the father of modern medicine, once said “All Disease Begins in the Gut”? From arthritis to thyroid disease and even brain health, a healthy gut is so important for healing to occur. Come join us to learn about 7 things that can knock digestion out of whack. If your digestion is already struggling, there is hope as the body has an amazing ability to heal if given the right support. There will be some time after to have your nutrition questions answered.

7 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss

Come join us to learn about 7 secrets to lasting weight loss (and no, we aren’t going to talk about counting calories!) You’ll leave with some take-home tips that you’ll be able to implement right away to help you reach your weight loss goals. Further, there will be time after to have your nutrition questions answered.

Mindful Eating: Tools to help us reach our goals

Come join us to learn about WHAT Mindful Eating is, WHY we should all be practicing it, and HOW it can help improve our enjoyment of eating. We’ll talk about the difference between appetite and hunger, you’ll learn techniques on how to deal with those pesky cravings, and we will discuss a whole new way to approach food. Further, there will be time after to have your nutrition questions answered.

How to Find Food Intolerances

Come join us to learn about food intolerances, including the difference between an allergy, intolerance and sensitivity, the most common foods that cause issue, and how you can determine if you have a food sensitivity or intolerance. Further, we will talk about what you can expect while working to determine if you have a food intolerance, and resources will be shared so you can hit the ground running! There will be time after to have your nutrition questions answered.

Fermentation Demo

Fermented foods have had quite the buzz lately... do you know why? Want to learn more about  the nutrition science behind fermented foods? And want to learn how to make your own? If so, this is the presentation for you.

Is Food Medicine?

This​ is a "big picture" presentation meant for healthcare providers, discussing the differences between the conventional medical approach and a more functional approach. It touches on what functional nutrition/medicine is, shows some case study examples of how it differs from the conventional approach, highlights barriers, and ends with next step ideas and resources to empower care providers to start implementing food as medicine approaches into their practice. Perfect for nurses, residents and others on the front lines of patient care. 

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Speaking Engagements

"Awesome presentation today!  Even as a Food Science/Dietetics graduate (oh, so many years ago!) I am constantly learning new things, and hearing of new research.  It was well-organized, super interesting, and you cited many great resources. So grateful I went!"

"Good speaker tonight. This was the 1st nutrition type speaker that related directly to prostate cancer that I have heard and she was good. The other general nutrition speakers I have heard I couldn't relate to like I did tonight."

"Both presenters provided awesome information in a fun, effective, personable way... made me want to schedule appointments with them just to learn more!"

"Great speakers! I loved the research they provided and both were very knowledgeable. I would like to know what Allina is doing with this new research. This type of information needs to be seen by ALL healthcare workers who work with mental health patients." 

"Loved the demonstration on making your own fermented foods." 

"Your presentation went really well today! Great information and involvement with your audience!"

"Thank you so much for your willingness to share such good information and your valuable time."

"Ashley, I think your presentation would be well received if you opened it up to hospital staff. I need to improve in this area in my life in so many ways! LOL. Thank you for sharing!"

Speaking Testimonials

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