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"Both presenters provided awesome information in a fun, effective, personable way... made me want to schedule appointments with them just to learn more!"

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  • 7 Ways To Improve Energy With Nutrition

  • 7 Things That Knock Digestion Out Of Whack 

  • 7 Secrets To Lasting Weight Loss

  • Mindful Eating: Tools To Help You Reach Your Goals

  • How To Find Food Intolerances​

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The Gut-Brain Connection, and How Improving Gut Health Can Improve Mental Health with Integrative Conversations Podcast, Coming Soon

5 Ways To Improve Gut Health And Improve Food Intolerances For Good with Dr. Ross Carter, 1/14/21, Listen Here

A Virtual Clinic On Digestive Health | Interview with Entrepreneur Ashley Oswald, 1/6/21, Listen Here

Dietician's Take on Holistic Medicine & How You Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health, 12/14/20, Listen Here
Three Tips to Ensure Your Company is an Enjoyable Place to Work, 11/30/21, Listen Here

Solving Tummy Troubles Like Bloat, Constipation & Acid Reflux, 5/2020, Listen Here

Podcast Appearances

Facebook LIVES Every Thursday At 12 pm CT, Gut Health Nutrition Tribe, Join Here

5 Ways Optimizing Gut Health Can Improve Breathing, 4/6/21, Listen Here (if past the free time frame for the online seminar, you may need to purchase)

Discussion with students about considerations around their idea of incorporating microbiome-supportive foods in school cafeterias, University of Minnesota Foundations of Leadership Practice Class, 2/24/21

Non-Traditional Roles in Dietetics, Minnesota Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, 2/24/21

Entrepreneurship - How Food Science and Nutrition students can develop the entrepreneurial mindset, University of Minnesota Department of Food Science and Nutrition, 2/18/21

5 Ways Optimizing Gut Health Can Improve Breathing, Breathe Easy, Breathe Well Virtual World-Wide Event, 2/3/21

Q&A About How to use YouTube to Build Community and Educate People World-Wide, Business Babes Mastermind Group, 2/2/21

Coffee & Convos Guest Speaker, Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota, 12/20/20

5 Foods That Can Decrease Stress, Guest Speaker In Facebook Group Tabatha Perry, 12/3/20

Functional Nutrition Gut Health Q&A Session, Guest Speaker In Facebook Group TaylorMade Health, 11/25/20

Probiotics: Should You Take One?, Guest Speaker In Facebook Group Adriana Keefe, 11/19/20
7 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss, Cannon Falls Library, 1/7/20

Gut Health Q&A, Abilify Health Fair, 10/15/19

North Memorial Prostate Cancer Support Group, Prostate Cancer: How Might Nutrition Help?, 5/22/19

Disabilities Resource Fair, How to Find Food Sensitivities, 5/4/19

Holiday Eating - Tips and Tools, Lunch and Learn, 11/20/18 

Regions Hospital Employees, How to Find Food Intolerances, 11/15/2018 

Holland Biomedical Clinic, How to Find Food Intolerances (focus on MRT), 11/13/18 

Allina Health and the Minnesota School of Nursing - 7th Annual Integrative Approaches to Mental Health Care, Fermentation Demo, 11/9/18

Regions Hospital Employees, 7 Ways to Improve Energy with Nutrition, 11/6/2018

Regions Hospital Employees, Mindful Eating: Tools to help us reach our goals, 9/2018

Regions Hospital Employees, 7 Things that Knock Digestion out of Whack, 8/2018

Regions Hospital Employees, 7 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss, 6/2018

Zestful Living Day by AshaUSA, 7 Things that Knock Digestion out of Whack, 4/2018

Functional Medicine Clinic, 7 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss, 2018

Functional Medicine Clinic, Root Causes of Stubborn Weight Loss, 2017

California Nurses, Enteral Nutrition Support, 2015

California Long Term Care Facility, Nutrition for Prevention of Chronic Disease, 2015

Regions Hospital Employees, Maintaining a Healthy Weight, 2014

Regions Hospital Employees, Mindful Eating, 2014

Regions Hospital Employees, Maintaining a Healthy Weight, 2013

Regions Hospital Employees, Sleep and Exercise, 2013

Regions Hospital Employees, Portions and Food Labels, 2013

Regions Hospital Employees, Vitamins and Minerals, 2013

Regions Hospital Employees, Protein and Water, 2013

Regions Hospital Employees, Fats, 2013

Regions Hospital Employees, Carbohydrates, 2013

Regions Hospital Employees, Mindful Eating, 2013

Regions Hospital Lunch and Learn, Mindful Eating, 2013

Healthpartners Internal Medicine Physicians, Mindful Eating, 2014

KTSP News Segment, Holiday Eating Tips, 12/2013

KTSP News Segment, Trans Fats, 11/2013

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Omega-3 Supplementation and Depression, 2012

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Nutrition Therapy for Acute on Chronic Kidney Disease - A Case Report, 2012

Speaking Engagements

"Awesome presentation today!  Even as a Food Science/Dietetics graduate (oh, so many years ago!) I am constantly learning new things, and hearing of new research.  It was well-organized, super interesting, and you cited many great resources. So grateful I went!"

"Good speaker tonight. This was the 1st nutrition type speaker that related directly to prostate cancer that I have heard and she was good. The other general nutrition speakers I have heard I couldn't relate to like I did tonight."

"Both presenters provided awesome information in a fun, effective, personable way... made me want to schedule appointments with them just to learn more!"

"Great speakers! I loved the research they provided and both were very knowledgeable. I would like to know what Allina is doing with this new research. This type of information needs to be seen by ALL healthcare workers who work with mental health patients." 

"Loved the demonstration on making your own fermented foods." 

"Your presentation went really well today! Great information and involvement with your audience!"

"Thank you so much for your willingness to share such good information and your valuable time."

"Ashley, I think your presentation would be well received if you opened it up to hospital staff. I need to improve in this area in my life in so many ways! LOL. Thank you for sharing!"

Speaking Testimonials

Are You Interested In Having Us Come Speak To Your Organization?

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