I choose Ashley to help me with my stomach troubles because she has experienced them herself in the past.  Before working with her, I suffered with a "sensitive stomach" my whole life: there were many foods that seemed to upset my stomach instantly and I developed a pretty severe bathroom anxiety (always needing to know where bathrooms are, if there is a line for the bathroom I would get really stressed out, and often stopping to use them just because they were there  and I never knew when my "sensitive stomach" would require me to RUN to find a bathroom.)  After working with Ashley, I am happily shocked by how much my "sensitive stomach" has changed!  I thought that my annoying stomach was just a part of my life I would have to deal with forever, but my stomach is SO MUCH happier now, and my bathroom anxiety is WAY less severe than it was before (practically gone)!  I know it may sound cheesy, but thank you for changing my life Ashley, because that is truly what you have done for me :-)

Monica | Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Ashley has been a tremendous help to me. She is extremely knowledgable about nutrition, but more importantly, she brings a high degree of care and compassion to her work. She worked hard to understand me as an individual and made recommendations specifically tailored to both my physical and emotional needs. This is a winning combination, and the key to the successful results I've experienced as a result of working with Ashley. She is instrumental in my ability to gain weight for the first time in seven years, and I literally could not have done it without her. She is a gem, and I would recommend her to anybody.

Anonymous | St. Paul, Minnesota

"The half went great! Ran a personal best!! I was so happy about it! I really feel like I've figured out what I can and can't tolerate and what causes issues for me while running and I can't thank you enough for your help! I probably wouldn't have tried eliminating gluten again but I'm so glad you had me do it and combine it with those supplements which I continue to take. I'm feeling much better, and regular, and can run without issue."

Anonymous | Minnesota

I chose to work with Ashley because I was struggling with understanding how to regulate cravings and my blood sugar. I also wanted to stop taking medication for acid reflux. She helped me tremendously with both! She really listened to me and educated me on food and how it works in the body. She also helped me understand reflux and what I could do to enable me to stop the medication I was taking. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her -- she is smart, empathetic, understanding and extremely helpful.

Anonymous | Edina, Minnesota

My family doctor provided a life coach and registered dietician in his practice.  For two years I followed the suggested diet and exercise plan, but I was unable to loose weight and I became pre-diabetic.  When Ashley joined the practice and modified my diet, I lost 30 pounds in 6 months, and I am no longer pre-diabetic.  My cholesterol levels and blood pressure have both improved.   I feel much better both physically and mentally.  Ashley really made a difference in my life.

Bob | El Dorado Hills, California

Ashley Oswald made my quality of life shine! Two and a half years ago now I got a yeast infection which started a downward spiral with my health. The yeast took over my whole body and I just could not get rid of it not matter which treatment I tried.  I tried everything to get rid of it and I battled it for a year. Finally I went on a super elimination diet where I cut out everything: breads, dairy, nuts, seeds, and sugar. Within a 3 months I was free of yeast! Then my stomach decided to raise havoc. Every couple of weeks I would have an elimination spell where I would vomit and have diarrhea for about 4 hours. It was truly a mystery of why I was getting sick. Nothing I did pointed me in the right direction. I went to my regular doctor and had many tests to decipher what could be the culprit. Ashley came to my rescue!!! She dug deep and asks all the right questions and finally figured out that my stomach wasn't producing the amount of stomach acid it needed to. It was night and day. I was dealing with those episodes for nearly a year where it would happen every couple of weeks. It made my life hard, I missed parties, work, and day offs. It was truly a hard time for me and my family. My husband was so worried. Ashley recommended a supplement and that fixed everything. She changed my world around and I don't have to worry about getting sick anymore! Thank you always!!!

Julie | Denver, Colorado

Ashley is great to work with -- she cares deeply about nutrition and about her clients' health. She'll go above and beyond to find a cure/solution for any health problem. I highly recommend her!

Anonymous | Plymouth, Minnesota

I absolutely love Ashley. Whenever I have questions regarding nutrition I always come to her. She's up-to-date with the newest information and is able to explain things in terms that I can understand. Nutrition, unfortunately, is a hard thing to understand, especially with so many fads and unregulated diet plans on the market these days it's difficult to know what's best for your body. Ashely has such a passion for nutrition and helping others. If you are ever in need of a nutritionist I would highly recommend her!

Melani | St. Louis, Missouri

Ashley has helped several friends and family members with their nutrition problems (brain fog, fatigue, bloating, stomach issues, weight loss). In my particular case I had never really cared about the quality or source of my foods (ie, local produce picked in season, grass-fed beef) or the composition of my diet (whole grain breads, cheese, meat, frozen veggies, snack foods, alcohol)--believing that "as long as I had fruit and veggies" I was essentially healthy. After significantly reducing my bread/processed carb and dairy intake I was able to lose weight and sleep much deeper, and I taste and feel the difference of higher quality foods, which I had written off as 'mumbo jumbo' for so long.

Haakon | Plymouth, Minnesota

You did a good job explaining the correlation between some of the numbers on my tests and my weight issue. That's very helpful when I make my food choices. No one has explain it quite as clearly as you did. So thank you!

Kathleen | El Dorado Hills, California

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