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7 Best Foods for Nausea

Hey everybody and welcome back.

Today, we're talking about seven foods that can help with nausea. So whether you are struggling with pregnancy-induced nausea, maybe chronic nausea from like a chronic health condition, gut health issues can often bring about nausea or maybe you get like motion sickness nausea.

So when you're in the car or in other situations like the airplane, nausea comes about, these seven foods could significantly help and there's even research to support them being at least as effective as medications like Dramamine for nausea.

7 Best Foods for Nausea


I want to share with you, the ginger. So you could buy the fresh ginger from the store, cut this up, and put it into tea. You can put it in the freezer and it shaves really nicely so you could like put it into your eggs and other meals.

Honestly, if you're nauseous pretty bad, you might need something stronger than that. You might need to use ginger candies. Ginger People brand is a really effective ginger candy that people like to use and they also make a concentrated beverage.

Or you could do a tincture, Gaia Herbs has a ginger tincture, and this is my preference. I get motion sickness and nausea so I'll take this on airplanes, on car trips, and I'll just put some water in my mouth. I'll take the tincture, and put some of that concentrated ginger into my mouth.

It mixes with water. So you can just swallow it. And it's super easy to travel with since it's just a little, little tincture or you can try ginger tea, but honestly, I would do either the candies or the tincture as they tend to be more effective. You also want to try to get ahead of nausea.

So if you know that like the early afternoon is when it's the worst for you, start using that tincture, taking those Ginger People candies an hour or two before you usually get nausea, or if like right in the morning, you get nauseous, have some of those sitting at your bedside. So as soon as you wake up to take it, maybe wait a little bit and then get out of bed. So you're really trying to get ahead of that nausea.

Cold smoothies

So number two is cold smoothies and sipping some of them frequently throughout the day. So not only is this a way to get in some nutrients when you're not feeling well, but if you're having nausea or you might be having vomiting, oftentimes it can be easier to get in more nutrition in a liquid form when you're not able to eat quite as much. And this can help you to recover from nausea because you're going to want to have food in your stomach as often as possible.

So at least every hour to help with that nausea. Cause if you're feeling nauseous, you're probably not going to want to have to deal with like, just more severe like bloat and gas. So sometimes people get from foods, cause gut issues are so common.

And so you could use and try some of those smoothie ideas. And this kind of leads us into number three, which isn't a specific food, but it's a great tip for nausea so I wanted to make sure to add it.

Small frequent meals

And it's having small frequent meals throughout the day. And it goes back to having something in your stomach at all times can really help with nausea. So I know when people are nauseous, they really often don't feel like eating.

I used to work in the hospital. We saw a lot of nausea and a great trick is to, again, always have something in your stomach, force yourself to eat, and treat food as medicine I say at the top of every hour.

So maybe it's sipping some of that smoothie. Maybe it's eating like some crackers or some cheese. Common recommendations for nausea is to avoid high-fat foods, but honestly, in practice, working in this space for over a decade now, some people do better with like high-fat foods like cheeses when they're nauseous, and other people do better with crackers.

So really just tune in and think about what foods sound good. It might change day to day, but go to that and listen to your body's wisdom on this one, but the most important is just getting something in there, frequently throughout the day.

So some people even say, they're dealing with chronic nausea, and do like six meals a day instead of three meals a day. And then always think about the root causes, which we're going to talk about at the end of this topic, some possible causes for that chronic nausea.


You could even combine the peppermint with the ginger. You can get some fresh peppermint and make that into a tea. You can munch on some of the leaves.

Honestly, if you could just get a fresh peppermint plant and have that in your home, you could just pick those leaves and munch on them. If you're experiencing nausea and vomiting, this could also help improve that bad taste in your mouth that might make nausea even worse, right? If you have that vomiting taste in your mouth. So this can be a way to improve that.

Now, if you're struggling with acid reflux, peppermint could make that worse. So you want to maybe avoid this and do the other tips.

So before we talk about the fifth food that can help to improve nausea, I want to share with you our FREE GUIDE: 5 ways to improve gut health that you can download.

If you don't know, my name is Ashley Oswald. I am a registered dietitian and founded Oswald digestive clinic, and I've spent seven years formally studying nutrition science. I've been working in the field for over a decade.

So I really sifted through all the knowledge and experience I have to narrow down to five categories that I found to be really important and effective for somebody who is working to get rid of their gut issues. So I think you're going to find that guide really valuable and you can download it for free.

Fresh Lemon

The fifth food that can help with nausea is fresh lemon. So this, you could even do a mint with the ginger, make it into some sort of a beverage and throw it into your smoothie. It can also help with that bad taste in the mouth if you're experiencing nausea with vomiting.

Room temperature and bland foods

Steer more towards room temperature and bland foods. So not too many spices could help and so you have to kind of tune into how that works versus doing the cold smoothies. Everybody's a little bit different, right?

Vitamin B6

There are these Pink Stork lozenges that you can buy like on Amazon, that have some vitamin B6. And then some of the other foods that we talked about in this topic as well. And so that in research has been shown to help with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

And so something more to try while you're looking at that, you could also consider getting those Ginger People products as I talked about in number one.

So that's the seven foods that can help with nausea, but I want to give you some added bonus material cause there are things that can also help that aren't necessarily food related and I just need to include them in the videos so that, you know and I think it's really important information.

Other things that could help if you are having Nausea

Avoid strongly scented items

So the first one is to avoid strongly scented items like soaps and things just go for more neutral scents and get fresh air as much as possible. There's something called C-bands, which is a band that you can put around your wrist and it presses on this acupressure point here, which is known for helping with nausea.

Smell rubbing alcohol

The next thing is, and this is going to sound kind of weird, but I've heard it's really effective for people is when you feel nausea coming on, smell rubbing alcohol. Now, I wouldn't recommend that normally, but I know nausea can be awful sometimes. And so kind of weighing the risks of smelling the alcohol versus the benefits of improving nausea can like outweigh each other.

So you could even keep those single alcohol packs in your purse. And when you feel nauseous coming about, just open that and let me know if that works. I'm really curious. I know it's been super effective for a lot of people, so I want to hear if that works for you.


And then also if you feel like vomiting is coming on, and this is another kind of not well researched, but kind of tricks of the trade thing try humming. Let's see if it works. It might just be what helps you to avoid vomiting.

Knowing root causes

So the last thing is that there could be a lot of possible root causes of chronic nausea. So of course, if you're like pregnant, you were getting nausea. You probably know it's because of the pregnancy or if you're to like get nausea in a car or whatever, you kind of know that's the cause.

But if you have like this chronic every day, every week nausea, and you've had it for many months or a year, you really consider thinking more about like what's causing that nausea. Do you have some sort of like bacterial or fungal overgrowth going on in your gut?

Micronutrient deficiencies could actually cause nausea, hormonal imbalances can cause it, gastro-paresis so slow movement of the stomach could of course cause nausea and vomiting because if your stomach's not moving properly, things can kind of back up, which is similar to the constipation reason.

Medication side effects could be a cause of nausea, and blood sugar imbalances. So if your blood sugar is going low, that can be a cause of nausea.

High histamine

And then lastly high histamine, so this could be from like environmental causes. So maybe like during allergy season, if you're affected by that you have high histamine in your body and you notice nausea also. But then also we can get too much histamine if we're eating certain foods that are also increasing that histamine load.

And it's just more than our body can tolerate or poor gut health can actually prevent or maybe make the body not break down histamines as properly cause we need certain enzymes, like the DAO in our fat to properly break down histamines. Maybe we're eating too many leftovers. So that burden of histamines it's too high. This could be a whole other topic about histamines. But anyway, that could be a possible root cause as well.

So I hope this was helpful for you!

If you'd like to explore any of this information further or obtain an individualized nutrition plan, you can schedule an initial appointment at our clinic. We also take insurance and some of our clients get full coverage, which is great.

Or you can just start by downloading our FREE GUIDE: 5 WAYS TO IMPROVE GUT HEALTH

I hope you all have a great rest of your day and I'll see you at the next one!