Gut Health Podcast Interview

Thank you Brooke D Peterson with Well Women Co for the enjoyable interview and conversation!

Checkout the full episode here!

POWERFUL message written by Brooke with Well Women Co:

"I gained 20lbs this year while doing everything “right”...!?! 🤯 >>> Well my friends, this #wellwomencopodcast explains it all... ✌🏼 words: GUT HEALTH. >>> Here’s something fairly painful to admit... I’ve gained about 20lbs this past year. AFTER writing a book about #foodfreedombook ... 🎈 >>> But it’s not because I went off the rails, relapsed, or gotten pregnant 🤪. It’s because there’s been underlying gut issues that finally came to the surface... >>> Although I’m more confident than ever, full of hope and honoring my body as best as I ever have I can’t say there’s been moments of feeling hopeless and extremely discouraged... >>> Which is why I brought on to talk #guthealth because I know I’m not alone. >>> Whether you have unexplained #weightgain , chronic #bloatedbelly , #acidreflux , etc we dive into the most common issues and how to address the ROOT! >>> I’ll be candid. It’s not always a quick fix - but the end result and future vitality is WORTH IT."

Checkout the full episode here!

picture of a dietitian smiling and words showing the podcast interview being about tummy troubles

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