Is Brown Sugar Better for Gut Health?

It’s it ironic how sometimes the simplest questions can become the most confusing?

Take a simple question, and then mix in marketing tactics and Dr. Google, and you’re sure to eventually wind up either

A) Second guessing what you feel is the common sense answer, or

B) Overthinking it to the point that you create unnecessary restrictions around eating.

These are the very reasons that I am passionate about using YouTube to help clarify confusing nutrition information (and of course continuing the work at our clinic to help provide our clients with personalized nutrition plans),

To ultimately help you gain a better understanding of how to use food to improve your health and overall quality of life!

So to the question of sugar…

Have you been told Brown Sugar is healthier?

If so, do you really think this is true?

Why or Why Not?

Do you know why brown sugar is brown, and why white sugar is white?

Are different types of sugar cane used, or is there something else used to create the color differences?

I answer all these questions in this week’s YouTube video!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like the video, and leave a comment if you so desire.

Watch Here (& forward to any friends whom you think might be interested!)

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