What is MTHFR? MTHFR Mutation Explained

We have some exciting changes happening at ODC, that I can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming weeks!

Before rumors get started, the foundation of our clinic is staying the same - we help people improve and eliminate gut health issues using a functional nutrition approach, and we take insurance!

One announcement I will make today, is that all of us clinicians will be starting to create YouTube videos for you all!!

I’m so excited about this, because I think it’s better for you. You will now get to learn from a variety of very knowledgeable licensed dietitian nutritionists!

This week, Katie filmed our video, on a topic that has been very popular on our TikTok channel: MTHFR.

On TikTok, this is being talked about in relation to mental health, especially ADHD, and in the video, Katie touches on why. She also plans to film a second MTHFR video specific to ADHD.

I think you will find it helpful, and it should clarify questions you might have had!

We also had a new photoshoot last Friday, and will be using these to refresh our website! At this time, we’ll get Katie added, and both Katie and Marcie are filming a couple quick fun videos to get to know them better :)

Enjoy Katie’s video!!

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