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What Is The Perfect Poo?

Video Transcript:

One easy way to evaluate somebody is good health it's like just looking at their stool. So today I want to share a little bit about the Bristol stool chart or otherwise known as the poop chart as you can see right here. So we have seven types on the poop chart and a couple of subtypes let's go through the top and the bottom of the chart and talk a little bit about what this might mean.

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Now there are laboratory tests that you can get done on your stool to help evaluate it to better give us more indicators of what might be going on further up in the gut it is important to know that certainly our gut spans really from our mouth to our anus is our gastrointestinal tract but just one stool sample and think about some clues but it also might not tell us everything about what's going on in our small intestine or higher up.

So it's really just meant as another tool for information to kind of pull together with all the symptoms somebody's having as well as the kind of looking at their stool on a day-to-day basis because as you guys know that can and does change day to day.

perfect poo, bristol stool chart, different types of poo

So let's look at the Bristol stool chart here on the top you see we have a really hard small pellet so constipation. The extreme cases are people who go days or even weeks without having a bowel movement the longest I've heard of was a couple of weeks when I was working in the intensive care unit at the hospital that's this fella did not go stool for a couple of weeks where you know really using some aggressive measures at that point. And then the bottom of it is liquid.

Just liquid diarrhea we've had clients at Oswald digestive clinic with this to where they're just having liquid stool all day every day for weeks on and sometimes for over a decade people struggle with diarrhea just know that oftentimes there are things that we can do to help with this and our clients often can get relief from both ends of this you know diarrhea and constipation.

So then we have these couple of subtypes the first one that really odor is a floating stool which can be a sign of Satria or fat malabsorption that can have different possible root causes to it and then the other is undigested food particles.

Now there are some foods like corn that nobody fully did justice and absorb different fibers are meant to pass through but if somebody is seeing a lot of different types of foods and things in their stool that can be a sign of something going on a higher up that's preventing it the proper absorption of the food.

So, what Is The Perfect Poo?

So let's move back up to the one to seven on this chart and really where you want to be what a healthy stool is is that three to four. You should be having at least one formed bowel movement today.

One two three if you're eating a lot of produce a lot of plant products you're gonna have more stool because you're eating more fiber a lot of that fiber is not getting absorbed it's passing through and so you're gonna have just more quantity of stool as long as it's formed sinking that's healthy and normal.

Now Chinese medicine doctors or acupuncturists will say that the perfect poo looks like a snake. It looks like it's making the bull it's fine if it might break but the three to four is really what you're trying to go for.

And if you find yourself swinging too far to the top of the chart or the bottom of the chart then that's something that we should use as information again along with all the symptoms that you might be experiencing to kind of pull together this whole picture and figure out what those root causes might be.

perfect poo, bristol stool chart, different types of poo

Because as Hippocrates has said, who's known to be the founder of modern medicine as it all starts in the gut, and that's certainly what we see at Oswald digestive clinic too if we can improve gut health through using food modification really targeted high-quality professional supplements and lifestyle changes we a lot of times see symptom improvement with things that people had no idea might have been related to the gut.

Because the gut is so important for nutrient absorption. Nutrients are really important for processing from the body to function properly for the Kreb cycle to function properly our electron transport chain and all these different things that we certainly want to optimize so we can just feel our best and live the best life possible.

Hope you learned a lot about today's topic! Have a nice day and see you at the next one!

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If you'd like to explore any of this information further or obtain an individualized nutrition plan, you can schedule an initial appointment at our clinic. We also take insurance and some of our clients get full coverage, which is great.

perfect poo, bristol stool chart, different types of poo

Or you can just start by downloading our FREE GUIDE: 5 WAYS TO IMPROVE GUT HEALTH

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