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3 Reasons You MUST Eat SUGAR!

Hello everybody! Today, we're talking about the three reasons you should eat sugar. I know, a gut health dietitian talking about eating sugar, but bear with me.

Reasons You MUST Eat SUGAR, eating sugar benefits, sugar benefits, electrolyte replacement

And if you have a foundation in nutrition, you're going to hear these three reasons and you're going to think, oh yeah, that's right.

So I'm Ashley Oswald a registered dietitian and founder of Oswald Digestive Clinic, where we help people improve and eliminate bothersome gut issues, like gas, bloat, diarrhea, constipation, and more. And if you or anybody you know wants to work with our clinic, you can get started by scheduling an appointment with us.

3 Reasons You MUST Eat SUGAR!

Electrolyte Replacement

Reasons You MUST Eat SUGAR, eating sugar benefits, sugar benefits, electrolyte replacement

Let's dive in and talk about reason number one you should eat sugar, and this is for electrolyte replacement. So if you're sweating a lot, if you have diarrhea or food poisoning, or maybe have an ileocolostomy or any other reason that you need to replace your electrolytes, you need some sugar to help those electrolytes get across the gut barrier and in your body.

So the world health organization's recipe has some sugar in it and you'll even see really good brands. The most recent one I bought was from Costco. The Liquid IV brand worked really well for me. I'll have a little sugar because you need it.

So if you find a product that's marketing no sugar, I'd kind of step away and question it. And actually, I was totally fooled by this recently when a company sent me some products and I went on a trip to New Mexico hiking. I wasn't used to the heat.

I was sweating a ton and starting to not feel well because of all the electrolyte loss. I needed something with some potassium and sodium and etc in it to help replace my losses. And so I tried their product and I did not feel any benefits. So then I also had the Liquid IV that I use and I started feeling better.

Long story short, I looked into the product and they have really great marketing. Even to the point of saying that, the recipe is based on the world health recipe, but it's not. And it's basically pixie dust and a waste of money.

And that's actually one of the benefits you would get if you wanted to work one-on-one with a dietitian like our clinic, we could really take a good in-depth look at what's going on with your health and get the right products for your needs.

You might be someone that doesn't even need electrolyte replacement, but if you do, we can help guide you to an appropriate product. So, one product, you can find in most places, if you're dealing with electrolyte loss is actually Pedialyte. It's also not ideal.

It has fake sugars in it. As well as actual sugar and it helps the electrolytes cross and it has fake colorings. They do have a Pedialyte organic, and I think that's because of all of you, consumer demand, you want a better product.

And so they create Pedialyte organic. The reality is, most markets kind of around the world, just have the plain Pedialyte, but you know what? It's better than nothing if you really need electrolyte replacements. So that's reason number one.

Diabetes and Low Blood Sugar

Reasons You MUST Eat SUGAR, eating sugar benefits, sugar benefits, electrolyte replacement

Reason number two is if you have diabetes and you have low blood sugar. So if you have an episode of low blood sugar, a fast way to get out of that really dangerous episode, where people actually die from having that low blood sugar from diabetes is to have some sugar it's quickly absorbed. It's going to get you out of that.

And then you can think about getting to the root cause of diabetes. So type two diabetes is often reversible. I was working for a functional medicine clinic in California, where they had help your diabetes program, where we were actually helping people reverse their diabetes.

There were some people after starting the program within a few days, were able to cut their insulin in half. And so I also worked in the hospital for many years and most people when they're newly diagnosed with type two diabetes, aren't told that they can improve it using food and lifestyle. So please know that.

Please spread that information, that word. And again, you can reach out to your clinic if you want support with that.

Eating Disorder

Reasons You MUST Eat SUGAR, eating sugar benefits, sugar benefits, electrolyte replacement

Reason number three is if you are recovering from an eating disorder, even something like orthorexia, because it's really important to let go of the fear of food into not be so afraid of something like sugar, that it's going to consume your life.

And once you can mentally let go of those fears and do that part of the journey is eating those foods. That can allow you then to get rid of the obsession around food, to get rid of the fear around food, and allow you to live a life where you're just having more fun and you're not constantly thinking of food.

I hope those are helpful. You can also download our FREE GUIDE: 5 ways to improve gut health.

I hope you all have a great rest of your day and I'll see you at the next one!

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If you'd like to explore any of this information further or obtain an individualized nutrition plan, you can schedule an initial appointment at our clinic. We also take insurance and some of our clients get full coverage, which is great.

Reasons You MUST Eat SUGAR, eating sugar benefits, sugar benefits, electrolyte replacement

Or you can just start by downloading our FREE GUIDE: 5 WAYS TO IMPROVE GUT HEALTH

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